Conversations with children and young people about their rights and a Commissioner

Picture of a dogConversations Report 2015: Rights and a Commissioner for Children and Young People (PDF 13.2MB)

Conversations Report 2015: Rights and a Commissioner for Children and Young People - A summary for children and young people (PDF 1.4MB)

The Council for the Care of Children, Save the Children Australia and the Office for Children and Young People, Department for Education and Child Development and supporting partner, the Guardian for Children and Young People, wanted to find out what young South Australians knew about their rights under the UNCRC and what sort of person a Commissioner for Children and Young People should be and how a Commissioner should find out from them what is important to them and represent them.

Children and young people from 4-18 years took part in the conversations via an online quiz, hard copy quiz, a pre-paid self-mailer or written feedback.

The report of the feedback was given to the Minister for Education and Child Development in September 2015 with the aim of informing the recruitment, selection and operation of the office of a Commissioner in South Australia.

#OurRightsAsChildren&YoungPeople - video - Yassmin Abel-Magied, 2015 Queensland Young Australian of the Year, encourages children and young people in South Australia to tell us what they think about a Commissioner for our state.

Conversation with young people at Urrbrae Agricultural High School - video